Use your smartphone and your predictions to earn money.

About us

Tippito is a unique and innovative idea, initially thought to help all football gamblers and later to become an income-based platform for its members.

Leotrin Elmazi
Joel Dickey
Investor and Member of the Board
Fitim Ismaili
CoFounter & CTO
Dominik Mati
Investor and Member of the Board
Berat Ajredini
Back-end Developer
Patrick Traber
Business Strategist
Jeton Dauti
Partner Relations
Arben Nasufi
Lead Developer
The team

The creative team behind Tippito

How does it work?

Every day, games from best European leagues are chosen and are offered in the app so members can share their prediction ideas with each other. Based on those predictions members are given/taken points and an average percentage is calculated per member. Every member starts as “Beginner” and with more points from sharing, predicting correctly, following etc; they may become “Professional” and ”Expert”. For every level there are limitations and monetary incomes. For this reason, members should do their best to achieve a higher percentage of prediction in order to win the title “Expert”.

What do You win?

If you are a fan of gambling then you will find a community with the same taste and by sharing your ideas you will help each other win. If you are not a fan of gambling but you can predict game results, then you can share your ideas and win money from them. Tippito uses a special algorithm which analyses your prediction shares after you become and expert and based on how many times those shares are viewed, clicked, followed etc it pays you back.

Tippito Brand Guideline