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There is no social network for sports betting enthusiasts, „tippsters“, to connect and share their knowledge.

Existing platforms provide betting information from an unknown source and without any proof of quality.
Existing platforms calculate predictions based on past game statistics, ignoring other important factors.
Existing platforms do not offer tippsters a way to earn money by sharing their knowledge.


A specifically targeted social network that allows tippsters to give their prediction for the result of real football games.

Users know the quality of the tips they are seeing since they have a full track record of this persons previous tips and the results of the real game.
Users who do well can become Experts earn money by sharing their knowledge of football.
Users have an enjoyable alternative to betting with real money. This could help combat addictive, compulsive and unhealthy betting.

How big we aim?


A global platform where people can help each other to raise chances of winning money over betting and for the ones that fulfill requirements to be expert, win money over the platform.


Support for every sport activity and real time information.The most advanced social ecosystem for Bet Gamblers with an incredible intelligent networking and matchmaking system.


Our mission is to connect world wide Bet Gamblers with each other. Our vision is to became the most powerful social ecosystem that will help Bet Gamblers earn over Betting and for those who are addicted to Betting share their Bets and feel like they are Betting, so they can avoid their bad habit.

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