Biggest Tipster Social Network

meet our gorgeous team

A great team that aims to connect all soccer bet lover
to help each other on their way of winning money from betting.
We work with heart and soul to create the biggest Tippster social ecosystem which will grow everyone chances to win everyday.

Together combined we have more than 60 years experience in development and marketing.

Leotrin Elmazi - CEO

Leotrin Elmazi

Founter & CEO

He envisions the software concept and leads the requirements analysis based on his knowledge of the market. He guides the creation of the software concept and unifies the teams vision.

Fitim Ismaili - CTO

Fitim Ismaili

CoFounter & CTO

He is responsible for the security of the software infrastructure and is involved in conceptualizing and converting the business processes into the tippito application.

Joel Dickey - Ads Specialist

Joel Dickey

Investor and Member of the Board

He is in charge of technical marketing efforts ensuring that the target audiences are defined correctly and can be reached with minimal financial friction.

Dominik Mati - Investor

Dominik Mati

Investor and Member of the Board

He conceptualizes the marketing concepts and creates the creatives that connect and resonate with the defined target audiences inspiring them to take action

Business Consultants

Patrick Traber - Investor

Patrick Traber

Business Strategist

He manages the legal aspects of the application and makes sure that it is compliant with the regulatory frameworks put in place.

Jeton Dauti - Investor

Jeton Dauti

Partner Relations

He uncovers new contacts and creates business opportunities by connecting tippito to decision makers and involving them in the project

Nadri Aliji - Investor

Nadri Aliji

Partner Relations

He uncovers new contacts and creates business opportunities by connecting tippito to decision makers and involving them in the project.


Milot Hoxha - App Developer

Milot Hoxha

App Developer

He connects the back-end software infrastructure to the front end enabling a seamless interaction with the user.

Berat Ajredini - Backend

Berat Ajredini

Back-end Developer

He implements the defined processes within the back-end in close cooperation with the business requirements analysts.

Emel Islamoski - App Developer

Emel Islamoski

App Developer

As a full stack developer he can be deployed quickly to various areas of the project and assists all parties where required.

Aida Xhafer - Designer & Content Writer

Aida Xhafer

Designer & Content Writer

As designer she works on the details and perfects the app screens, in the mean time she creates content for media and digital marketing.

Arben Nasufi - Backend

Arben Nasufi

Team Lead Developer

He manages the project by distributing the workload and prioritizing the requirements within the developer team.

Maja Naumoska - FrontEnd Developer

Maja Naumoska

Front-end Developer

As Front-end developer she works on visualisation of Data charts and prepares the presentation for the end user.