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Tippito member support

01. How to become a member of tippito?

  • First of all try to "Register by E-mail",if you do not have an tippito account.
    After registration you should receive a code on your e-mail,for verification.
    If you already has an facebook account,try to login directly.

    In the case of registration if you still does not receive a code by your e-mail,please check if your entered e-mail address is valid.

  • Another type of register in tippito is "Register by phone",
    there all that you should do is to fill the fields,
    and you will receive a code by your phone number.

    Please do not forget to select your right mobile telephone prefix number(country code).

02. Edit Profile Steps.

  • On edit profile,you are able to choose the photo you want,you can change first and last name,
    you are able to write something by yourself, and also able to change your password.

    In any case if your password does not successfully changed,please contact with us by our mail

03. Post a Predictions Steps.

  • You are able to post a prediction by click the rounded button on the bottom of the page.
    by choosing a game you can select a tip,after selection you are able to choose how you want to post the tip.

    If you want to share your tips with all tippito users you should select public.
    if you want to share your tips just with your followers,you should select private.
    in the case if you have any problem with your posting please send us a feedback.

04. Feedback

  • On the right side of our application we have a feedback option.
    In general if you have any problem with application,or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to submit a feedback form.