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Track record

Track record

Users know the quality of the tips they are seeing since they have a full track record of this persons previous tips and the results of the real game.

Experts knowledge

Expert knowledge

Users who do well can become Experts earn money by sharing their knowledge of football.



Users follow their friends and other tippster to see the results that they predict.


Users can post their results prediction for real football games. The system shows them if they were right after the game is done.


The Tippito Algorithm calculates how successful the user is, and if he fulfills the requirements, he can attain expert status.

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Login first

Create an account and complete your profile with all required data.

Post often

Post very often and get highest points and rating.

Perfect solutions for Experts

By becoming an expert you are going into the group of account who is going to earn from others subscribers.
Once a month you are going to be paid for each of your private posts, but to keep your title alive you need to do a public post everyday.
As an expert for each private post you are going to get detailed analytics.

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Frequently asked questions

Tippito is available only on App Store and Play Store, you can download the app go through registration process, make your first post and you'll become part of Tippito.
As a tippito member you are able to see everyone public posts and private posts of all following accounts, which give you a better view of how others predicts result for a particular soccer game. You can choose wisely for a combination and raise your chances of wining over betting.
You have to post more than 200 posts and have a wining rate over 75%, with more than 150 wining posts you gain more than 1000 points, also you need 500 followers and at least 200 following. After you get the expert status you must make a public post everyday to stay expert, otherwise you lose the status for a month and lose 200 points which might affect your expert account.
By using Tippito everyday you get a point, also for each post you get a point, but at the end of the day every activity is counted and calculated in the best way to share points for everyone. One thing is for sure if you make wining public posts everyday you are growing your chances to become an expert.
If you have been one from first 500 followers of the expert you can see everyday one private post from expert, otherwise you have to pay for one of subscriptions.
Based on analytics and the number of subscriber watching the private posts, 50% of paid subscriptions is going to be shared with experts.

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If you want to get only predictions, also the ones that are shared from experts, than you have to buy the VIP Version of Tippito.

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  • Like, Rate as Pro your friends prediction
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  • Gather points for every post
  • Increase your level, from Beginner to Professional and Expert

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If you want to get only predictions, also the ones that are shared from experts, than you have to buy the VIP Version of Tippito.

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